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Please take the time to listen to our music, it's from our very first artist John Davis Jade. His CD "Here Comes The Pain" will be out in the Fall of 2012. We're very exited about this release, and hope you enjoy it as well!. Below are some pictures of us at Lamont Studios in AZ.


About Us

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At Tishri, music is our passion. It is what we live, sleep, and breathe. Please take a moment to visit our artists page, and sample some of our music.

Our beginning...
Tishri Records was originally conceived by singer/songwriter John Davis Jade, who founded his own company, His Reign Productions in 2002. Since then he has had a dream to create a separate outlet for all artists committed to their craft and genuinely talented. A veritable melting pot of multiple talents combining all types of music for all types of people. Regardless of musical style, his company would make music for everyone. This dream became a reality in January of 2012, and Tishri Records was born. Tishri is owned and operated by John Davis Jade and his brother Guillermo. John and Guillermo have collaborated on many projects, but never as their own company. Together, they found their calling.

Our mission...
At Tishri, we believe every project is inspiring. Every one of our projects create an expression people can relate to, fall in love with, and want to add to their own lives.

. We believe that collaboration and mixing genres of music within the same album or even the same song is a beautiful thing.No matter what the style of music, the artist's message takes center stage. Our dream, our purpose, is to make beautiful music.

Our product...
In the new era of the music industry, the artist's career structure has drastically and very quickly evolved into something new. There are many production companies that spring up daily, all over the world, but without adapting, many come and go before they are even recognized.
At Tishri, we realize that music environment is in a state of constant change. Change in how music is made, produced, distributed, promoted, and purchased. We provide our artists with the tools to make the great music they have dreamed of, and the infrastructure to get them exposed. Our goal is to make music that speaks to people, that is memorable, and music that inspires.

See you in the music...


Know the team

John Davis Jade President and Founder

John wears many hats, spending his time in creating/ producing new music, and multitasking the many aspects of the business.

Guillermo Montilla Co-Founder
Guillermo is an audio engineer who co-writes alot of the music, and does alot of the media development.

Did you Know?

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Did you know that all the music Tishri Records’ artists release will be available for licensing via Tishri Publishing Inc. That’s right,  you will be able to license our music for your next video project, radio commercial, movie, and whatever project you’re working on . Are you an artist looking for a great song for your next CD project?  No problem, aside from everything Tishri Records puts out, Tishri Publishing  has  tons of songs that have never been released to the public,  and you will be able to contact us directly to get your next hit song.
Tishri Publishing is a separate company than Tishri Records, but we work hand-in-hand in making sure our music will be available to you quick, and in easy to use formats. We have many, many different types of music soundtracks, in all different types of genres. Some specifically geared to a certain market; others can be used in multiple applications.
If you have something in mind that you absolutely cannot find, but you definitely need, we can work with you and come up with an original piece of music just for you! We have all the facilities in-house and can quickly turn around professional sounding pieces that will wow your audience, coming soon…
Tishri Publishing Inc.



I'll Get Away

I'll Get Away: Writen and Produced by :John Davis Jade and Guillermo K. Montilla

Here Comes The Pain

Higher : Writen by :John Davis Jade and Guillermo K. Montilla


Baby I can Fly: Writen by :John Davis Jade and Guillermo Karam


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